Best Surprise Proposal Videos

The weather is brighter, the days are longer and the season of weddings is upon us.  Whether you’re single or happily married, there’s no denying that flashy proposals will always warm your heart and thanks to YouTube, we can relive some of the biggest, most elaborate ones over and over again.  So if you’re planning on popping that big question to your mate, maybe you should take a number out of one of these books.

Making The Movies Jealous

Matt went above and beyond by making his own theatrical trailer to propose to his girlfriend Ginny, even having it air before a movie she was watching.  The big screen came to the real world in this adorable video.

A True Magical Proposal

A local Adelaide, Australia magician did the ultimate magic trick, making the audience disappear and Anna’s proposing boyfriend appear!

A Disney Celebration

Jamin took his proposal to the happiest place on Earth, putting together a massive flash mob in Downtown Disney to propose to his girlfriend Val.

A Meme-ingful Proposal

This proposal was a little more unconventional.  He proposes to his girlfriend using a slew of popular internet Memes.  Good thing he didn’t have to use the ‘forever alone’ guy!

A Nationwide Proposal

Yeah yeah, not another flash mob but we gotta hand it to the guy, Prem, this one was super elaborate.  Starting in New York, moving to Vegas and incorporating a ton of little instances in between, we can’t help but feel the love from here.

The Bachelorette Style Proposal

Okay, maybe we’re biased but our sister station Kiss 95.1′s drive home host Otis from The “O” Show surprised his own girlfriend with an elaborate proposal full of scavenger hunts and a Bachelorette style proposal at the end.

A Pilot’s Budding Love Proposal

This boyfriend had a bit of help from a few hundred of his closest friends.  An airplane pilot decided to propose to his girlfriend by arming every passenger on the flight with a rose and showing her picture so they would see her waiting for him in the airport and descend on her with a hundred roses.  Then, he makes his move donning his pilot uniform.

A Glee-tastic Proposal

During a huge Glee inspired flash mob in Seattle, this man popped the question in front of thousands.

 The Proposal To Start It All

After Isaac posted this proposal, suddenly flash mob proposals were all the rage.

Now where are our tissues?

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