In recent years, LeAnn Rimes has often appeared alarmingly thin. But as she says in an interview with U.K. magazine Fabulous, that wasn’t intentional.

“I never tried to lose weight, and I never tried to gain it,” explained LeAnn. “It depends on how stressed I am. I was eating a ton and couldn’t put on weight!”

After going into rehab last year for stress and anxiety, LeAnn seems to be looking and feeling healthier now.

“I just wanted to figure out how to take care of myself,” said LeAnn regarding rehab. “I learned that there’s such beauty in imperfections, which is quite amazing. So much music comes from that place.”

LeAnn is now a size 6 and is working hard to maintain her weight. Four mornings a week she does an hour workout (either Pilates or boxing) and tries to eat low-carb, low-fat foods daily with the occasional splurge of cake, pizza or fried chicken.

“I’m secure with my body,” said LeAnn. “Trust me, there are moments when I’ve stood in the mirror and gone: ‘Oh my God, I’m getting cellulite!’ but then I stand in a different light and I’m like: ‘Oh, it’s not so bad now.’ I have my moments, like every woman.”

She says her family was never overtly concerned about her weight. “But being from the South, my mom and godmother are always happier when I have a little meat on my bones.”

-Ashley Quadros, KNCI/Sacramento


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