Blake Shelton Talks Tabloids, Luck, And Beauty Pageants With ‘CBS This Morning’

Blake Shelton is certainly on a roll–maybe the biggest roll of his life. His new album Based On A True Story… is the Number One country album this week, and his new single “Boys ‘Round Here” is driving fast up the charts. He’s a popular ‘coach’ on TV’s The Voice. And speaking of TV, he’s about to cohost (with Luke Bryan) the Academy of Country Music Awards this Sunday on CBS.

And not only that, he’s one of five nominees for the prestigious ACM Entertainer of the Year award.

In an interview on CBS This Morning that ran earlier today, Blake Shelton sat down with cohost Gayle King in a New York City country bar to talk about, among other things, his music, his relationship with wife Miranda Lambert, and his role in the upcoming ACM Awards.

Regarding Miranda, he says he never questioned whether they would end up together. “I don’t know if I ever had any doubts that she was the one for me.” And today, he says, “I could not imagine her not being in my life.”

He and Miranda, though, have been making tabloid headlines lately, with allegations that Blake is a cheater and that their marriage is on shaky ground. Blake says that kind of tabloid attention has been ramping up over the last year and a half. So, does he mind it? Weirdly, no. In fact, as he says, “I love it. I know that to have that kind of coverage — if I’m popular enough that they want to put me and Miranda on that stuff, that’s awesome. I got an album coming out, man.”

As to what the tabloids are saying, he’s not worried that it’s affecting his fan base. “I don’t think my fans are buying into it or have time to give a crap.”

Blake goes on to talk about Based On A True Story…, calling it “an honest album of where I’m at in my life right now. Obviously I”m very content. Who wouldn’t be? I know how lucky I am.”

King questions whether “lucky” is really the right word. But as Blake explains it, as a singer, luck has had a role in his success.

“We could be in Nashville right now, and there’s way better singers than me back there that I could introduce you to. They just haven’t had that lucky break like I have.”

Being on stage, though, is a rush he still feels–and one he’s felt, in fact, since he was a kid. During the interview, CBS This Morningshows some footage of Blake on stage during a Valentine’s Day pageant when he was just a little boy. “There was a spotlight hitting me, and I just never got over it.”

“And I still experience that,” he says. “It’s always a reminder of why I wanted to do this to begin with.”

His ambitions for the future? He says his goal is to eventually slow down, probably shed the TV work, and focus entirely on country music. “I just want to go back to being a hillbilly singer.”

Watch Blake Shelton cohost the 48th ACM Awards with Luke Bryan on Sunday, April 7 at 8pm ET on CBS.


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