10 Movies To Help You Get Over Ryan Gosling’s Retirement!

Recently, multi-talented actor Ryan Gosling announced that he is taking a hiatus from acting — much to the disappointment of hot-blooded female fans everywhere.

At the pinnacle of his career it seems unfathomable as to why the uber-sexy star would choose to depart from hefty paychecks, glamorous red carpets, and millions of adoring fans.

However, Gosling maintains that he needs to spend some time to himself and away from the spotlight. Lauded as one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, Gosling has always tried to maintain a certain level of privacy regarding his personal life.

Before the Ides of March star officially disappears he has two more films to hit theaters in 2013. The Place Beyond the Pines opened in limited release on March 29 and a currently untitled Terrence Malick project about two intersecting love triangles is due out later this year.

In-step with Hollywood greats like Redford and Eastwood, Gosling plans to move from in front of the camera to the director’s chair, forHow to Catch a Monster. His directorial debut features Drive co-star Christina Hendricks and real-life girlfriend, Eva Mendes. How to Catch a Monster is slated for a 2014 release.

Gosling’s fame seems to have taken off over the last few years, yet the former Mouseketeer has been working in the industry since he was twelve, and has amassed quite an impressive list of independent and box office hits to his name. Yes, he’s more than just a pretty face.

Currently, website Blinkbox seems determined to capitalize on distressed Gosling fans by offering “The Gosline” — an emergency hotline where callers can listen to recordings of famous lines from his films. Hmm…talk about a waste of money.

Instead of dropping cash for a phone call ladies, just pop in one of the following films —you’re sure to get your Gosling cravings quenched and then some.

Here are our top 10 favorite Ryan Gosling films!

10. The United States of Leland/ Leland P. Fitzgerald

The United States of Leland may be one of Gosling’s more obscure films, but its compelling from inception to its melancholy finale. Gosling is Leland Fitzgerald a timid adolescent who has mysteriously murdered a mentally disabled boy. While in Juvenile Hall his teacher, played by Don Cheadle, tries to understand the motivation behind Leland’s offense, while both Leland’s family and the family of the victim fight to come to terms with the loss of their family members.

9. All Good Things

Proving that he can play just about anything, Ryan takes on the role of a sociopathic husband turned killer in All Good Things. Gosling is David Marks an attractive yet aloof husband whose disposition becomes increasingly violent and manipulative. All Good Things, like the other films on this list, demonstrates Goslings’ consummate mastery of the art form; effortlessly portraying the heart-throb, the outcast, or even the villain.

8. Crazy Stupid Love

Crazy Stupid Love makes the list simply for Gosling’s hotness factor. His abs alone scream, “You can’t forget me!” The golden boy plays Jacob a womanizer who meets his match while teaching a middle-aged husband, played by Steve Carell, how to get his mojo back. 2011 was a hot year for Ryan and Crazy Stupid Love can partially take credit for the heat. The charming romantic comedy teamed Gosling up with his future Gangster Squad co-star, Emma Stone and also earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor.

7. Blue Valentine

In Blue Valentine Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams play a married couple muddling through the remnants of a crumbled marriage. A gritty indie, Valentine, unfolds with the audience playing “the fly on the wall” — and it’s not always easy to watch. However, Gosling and Williams are so brilliant in this film. The skilled performers breathe life into pages of angst, disappointment, hope, and resolve. Blue Valentine won’t make your list of feel-good flicks, but the performances secure the film a place on my list.

6. The Ides of March

When this riveting political drama took over theaters in 2011 it further solidified that Gosling is gold! In The Ides of March Ryan gives a tour de force performance as ambitious junior campaign manager Stephen Meyers. Surrounded by an all-star cast including actor/director George Clooney, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jeffrey Wright, Paul Giamatti, Evan Rachel Wood, and Marisa Tomei,;  Gosling is in good company. Easily one of the best films of the year The Ides of March is sure to be remembered as one of the greatest portrayals of politics on the big screen

5. The Believer

For me to praise a film about a neo-Nazi enthusiast means it had to be better than good. 2001’s The Believer is an extremely moving film driven by an extraordinary performance by Ryan Gosling. Released in 2001 at the Sundance Film FestivalThe Believer won the Grand Jury Prize for Dramatic Film. Gosling plays Danny an Orthodox Jew who becomes a Neo-Nazi extremist in early 1920s New York. Afraid of his heritage being exposed, he fights to escape the charge of a reporter that wants to publish the truth of his Jewish ancestry.

4. Drive

Ryan Gosling kicking but from behind the wheel was one of the many factors that influenced the tremendous success of 2011’s Drive. Released to critical acclaim, Drive features Gosling as a skilled car driver surrounded by graphic violence, gripping imagery, and an unexpected romance.  The sophisticated action sequences in this flick are absolutely unforgettable. This is definitely a Gosling film that you and your boyfriend can enjoy together.

3. The Notebook

I am sure there are plenty of Gosling fans that would argue that this film should take my # 1 slot. Rightfully so, The Notebook did firmly establish Gosling as a remarkable leading man. Cast alongside Rachel McAdams, the pair are electrifying on-screen and would go on to delight fans by turning their on-screen love into an off-screen romance. So it was a difficult choice but with much consideration of not only the film, but Gosling’s performance it stands firm as my 3rdfavorite Gosling flick.

 2. Half Nelson

In Half Nelson Ryan Gosling is an inner city middle school teacher/junkie that forms an interesting friendship with one of his students played by Shareeka Epps. Haunting performances from Gosling and Epps catapult Half Nelson to the top of my list. Released in 2006, Gosling received an Academy Award nomination for his role in the film. Along with Ryan, Half Nelson also stars one of my favorite unsung actors, Anthony Mackie.

1. Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl is easily one of the best unconventional romantic comedies ever. This 2007 release was critically acclaimed; garnering an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay” while Gosling received both a Screen Actors Guild and a Golden Globe Award nomination for his work as Lars Lindstrom.  Gosling departs from the sexy, alpha male persona that we usually see him in. All traces of the respected star vanish as he morphs into Lars, a quirky, socially awkward young man who starts a romantic relationship with an anatomically correct doll named Bianca. Lars and the Real Girl is hilarious, yet heartfelt and showcases Gosling in one of his most outstanding performances to date.

 -Jennifer Hall, CBS Local

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