In celebration of the upcoming release of their brand-new album PioneerThe Band Perry is our latest  IMPACT artist.

The band’s sophomore release, Pioneer is set to hit stores and digital outlets on Tuesday, April 2.

Country fans are already well familiar with at least one song from the album, the bold and somewhat dark “Better Dig Two.” This was the first single from the album, as well as the first song the group recorded for Pioneer with their new producer Dann Huff. The fact that it shot to Number One and has achieved platinum sales status confirms that Kimberly, Reid, and Neil Perry are onto something with the new, bolder direction in their music.

But where “Better Dig Two” showcased a blend of both new- and old-school sounds (mandolin and banjo on one hand, electric guitars on the other), the group’s second single is loud and proud all the way through. It’s titled “DONE.”–and yes, the title in all caps and the period at the end are deliberate, because it’s meant to be a statement that cannot be misinterpreted.

“‘DONE.’ is a song that Reid and I wrote,” Neil tells, “about a relationship where one person is giving all they have into it. And the other person is just taking it all in. I know the three of us have definitely had those kinds of relationships, where the person who keeps giving is just done with it. They’re not getting anything out of it, so they just cut it loose.”

“And it can be a relationship, or maybe it’s a bad habit, maybe it’s a job,” says Kimberly.

“We actually open our shows with that one,” Reid adds. “It’s fun for us to open on a brand-new note, but also one that’s so big and bombastic.”

Along with “DONE.” and “Better Dig Two,” the album stretches across a wide landscape of moods, emotions, and musical styles. Still, the ‘Pioneer’ spirit was something that helped guide them through the process.

“The song ‘Pioneer’ has been our lifeline and our guiding light through the making of this album,” says Kimberly. She talks about how musically it shows them at their most acoustic and stripped-down, but also evolves into something bigger with “a lot of rock and roll elements.” Lyrically, too, the song represented where they were as artists. “The chorus says, ‘Where are we going/I don’t know/still we gotta go/What will become of us/I don’t care/I’ll go anywhere/pioneer.’ It talks about us putting one foot in front of the other…and coming off of the most amazing two years of our lives, and having to say, ‘Here we are.'”

That theme of boldly searching and exploring new territory, without always knowing what the outcome might be, is echoed in several songs across Pioneer. “One of the themes that rose out of this record,” Kimberly tells, “was rising above whatever your circumstances are. But there were also moments where we were just so elated, be it a sense of love, or a sense of accomplishment. We felt all these different emotions over the last two years. So each track is truly a snapshot of a moment in time that we have lived through over the past couple of years.”

Neil echoes that sentiment. “The happier moments wouldn’t be as happy if you didn’t have the tougher times as well.”

Pioneer track list:

1. Better Dig Two
2. DONE.
3. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely
4. Pioneer
5. Forever Mine Nevermind
6. Night Gone Wasted
7. I Saw A Light
8. Mother Like Mine
9. Chainsaw
10. I’m A Keeper
11. Back To Me Without You
12. End Of Time

Additional tracks on Target deluxe edition:

13. Gonna Be Ok
14. Lucky Ones
15. Peaches And Caroline
16. Once Upon A Time

Courtesy Big Machine Records

Courtesy Big Machine Label Group

The Band Perry will perform at the 48th annual Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday, April 7 (airing live on CBS at 8pm ET). They’ve been nominated for Vocal Group of the Year.

Pre-order The Band Perry’s Pioneer on iTunes.

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