Thompson Square Says Their Success ‘Just Feels Good’

Keifer and Shawna Thompson have a lot going for them. The Thompson Square duo’s song “If I Didn’t Have You,” the lead track off their sophomore album Just Feels Good, is the fastest-rising single of their career. Suffice it to say, the married pair are feeling good.

“Everybody knows in this business, as fickle as it is, you never know how long you’re going to be around,” Keifer tells “It certainly feels good to have had the success that we had on the first album. It feels good to be able to say we have a second album coming out. It feels good the single is doing so well. It feels good that we’re on the Luke Bryan tour this year. Everything about our career and what’s going on in our life it does just feel good. The album and the way it flows and everything it feels good.”

So, naturally they decided to name their brand-new album Just Feels Good. The album hit stores this week.

“The actual song came in at the very last minute. We needed just one more feel good [song],” Keifer explains.

The band wrote six of the 13 tracks themselves, but Shawna says they all have a little bit of Thompson Square in them. “Every single song, even the ones we didn’t write have a piece of us in them. That’s the reason why we picked them. It’s our life.”

While Keifer jokes that the new album is Thompson Square 2.0, Shawna explains that he’s not far off.

“Our new album Just Feels Good is really an upgraded version of the first Thompson Square record. Keifer and I agree that it’s probably more us than the first album was,” she said. “The first one was introducing the sound and this one we dug deep on the songs. It’s just real. It’s real life. It’s our life from when we met all the way up until my dad’s passing [in 2012].” And, she says, it even starts “a little before that, when we were both single. There are some party songs on there.”

While they wanted to stretch their sound, Thompson Square assure fans their new album is still the Thompson Square they know and love. They even wrote a few tracks for their fans including “Here’s To Being Here” and “That’s Why We Roll.”

The deluxe addition of Just Feels Good, available at Walmart, includes one track that Keifer cites as “the most important song we’ve ever written.” Called “What Am I Gonna Do,” it discusses the loss of Shawna’s father.

“We wrote a song for my dad,” she said. “It’s definitely the most honest, real, heartfelt thing that we had ever written together. We just started talking about my dad and I started thinking about everything my mom was going through after 43 years of marriage not having him there. Literally I was talking and they kept jotting stuff down.”

A therapy season for Shawna, it includes her father on the track — the band sampled a recording of Shawna as a 4-year-old singing gospel hymn”Coming Home,” with her dad playing banjo. While she admits she struggles to reveal her deepest feelings in their music, it’s something she’s working on.

“If you want to write a good song, you write about what you know. But if you want to write a great song, you write about stuff that you don’t want anybody else to know about yourself,” Keifer advised.

Thompson Square’s new album Just Feels Good was released Tuesday (March 26).


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