TJ’s Trash: Billy Joel Makes A College Student’s Life!

I will say it over and over again, you never know unless you try/ask!  I mean, this kid at Vanderbilt got the guts to ask BILLY JOEL if he could accompany him on piano while Billy sang New York State of Mind. Clearly this kid knew he was good, you don’t ask Billy Joel a question like that and be unprepared if Billy says yes you know?  I LOVED this video! I also love that Billy said yes!! Watch! It’s so awesome!

Michael Pollack is the kids name and afterwards he said:

“From there, it was just … foggy. It’s hard to remember. I just started playing. I had practiced it a little bit thinking maybe I’d get the chance to go up … I kind of lost myself playing. Then afterward he said to me … he said that I was great, where are you from … and I said, ‘I’m a Long Islander just like you.’ He was like, ‘Cool.’ Then I walked off, and that was it … It was probably the greatest moment of my life, up to date.”


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