Twilight Star Stops By BUZ’N, Talks Robert Pattinson & Zings Paul Koffy

It’s not everyday a star from one of the biggest movies in history stops by the BUZ’N studios. For this huge Twilight nerd, it was AWESOME! Judith Shekoni plays Zafrina, a vampire with some pretty cool mind control tricks. She joins with the Cullens in ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ to fight the Volturi.

She chatted with us about a picture she tweeted of her and Robert Pattinson that had Team Edward fans on the attack, and how she’d use her vampire power if it’s something she could do in real life that leads to an ‘OH SNAP!’ moment with Paul Koffy.

Here’s the clip:

“I don’t know about the wildest thing I’ve seen, but I use Twitter quite a lot, social media, and I’m always Tweeting and everyone’s always like ‘Oh we love you, you’re so great’ this, that and the other – and then there was this picture of me when I went to the London premiere, where I’m wearing a yellow dress, and Rob was coming to stand next to me, and he was like lifting the dress up so he wouldn’t stand on it – so someone Tweeted ‘Did you have a wardrobe malfunction, was Rob trying to help you with your dress?’ and I wrote, ‘Or trying to look up my dress?’ And the response I got was, ‘You’re disgusting, Rob’s a gentleman, he wouldn’t never do that.’ And I was like, oh no the tides have turned! You gotta be careful, it was a joke!”

Shekoni is in the Twin Cities to promote the release of the flick on DVD. She’ll be at the Walmart in Maple Grove at 11pm March 1st to take pics and sign autographs. The DVD will be available for purchase at 12:01am March 2nd.

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