One could say its a “hot” Italian sausage. (Sorry, but I cannot claim this line. Thank you,@bashville.)

According to a report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Klement’s Racing Italian Sausage is missing and the only evidence that has surfaced so far, is photos of the sausage after a night on the town!

The $3,000 costume, which is part of a Milwaukee Brewers tradition was being used at the city’s Winter Festival, when it was left unattended, and then a short time later, walked right out the door!

Police say someone wearing the costume showed up at two bars in the area, posing for photos, and then moving on.

The famous sausage races, which include the the Bratwurst, the Polish Sausage, the Hot Dog and the Chorizo, in addition to the Italian Sausage have been a time honored tradition at Miller Park, racing around the infield in between innings.

Have a tip for Cedarburg Police? You could be awarded with a year’s supply of mustard!

We can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Steve Koscik / US99.5

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