By Koffy In The Morning

It was agreed by all artists after the BUZ’N Half DUZ’N that the show at Mystic Showroom was amazing!

At one point during the night Chris Cagle was performing his hit I Breathe In, I Breathe Out when the crowd interrupted,  giving him a 5 minute standing ovation.  I caught up with him as he came off stage and as you will hear, he was still very moved by the response BUZ’N Nation gave him!

“You know once again, I think it just simply shows how great this genre and this format is, and country music fans. You know I went away four years ago and I thought for all intensive purposes I was forgotten, you know? And that’s part of the business and that’s part of the deal, and I think I live more on emotion than I’ve ever done ego, so it didn’t really bother me about not being in the spotlight anymore or whatever. But when I came back I thought, well, little older, you know, little insecurities, things like that — you don’t know what to expect, and to have that happen was just really humbling, it was a good night, it was a good feeling.”

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