Kip Moore Explains How The BUZ’N Half DUZ’N Changed Him

The BUZ’N Half DUZ’N was a HUGE success!

Seconds after the guys had finished singing Take a Load off Annie as final song – Uncle Cracker ran off stage to use the bathroom, Chris Cagle shot downstairs for his meet and greet, Joe Nichols was cooling his vocal pipes with a bottle of water, and I stopped Kip Moore and asked him what he thought of the night, the crowd – how things went.

I think we can feel really good about how much fun we had!

As we saw from Chris Cagles reaction, a concert is not one sided.  When we the crowd are into it like we were last night, it is just a thrilling for the artist.

Some nights just have that magic and its a powerful thing.  Congrats to you if you were at the show…YOU had a profound effect on Kip Moore!

“Man I tell you what, you know we play so much full band shows and, you know, all the screaming guitars and drums. This was honestly the most fun acoustic show I ever played. The crowd was amazing and it was so fun to strip the songs down to where they started. Tonight it kind of rejuvenated me as an artist. We’ve been going so, so much, and the crowd was just insane tonight. I had a blast from the bottom of my heart. It was just so much fun – I don’t know how else to say it. I genuinely hope I get to do this again because that was so much fun.”

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