Brad Paisley was pranked during an interview when the DJ’s doing the interview put 8th grader Kayla Jayne on with Brad to ask the questions.

Kayla:  How much money did you make  before and after taxes?

Brad: laughs “Thanks for that great question, before taxes I made about $250 million…  after taxes about $35,000.”  

Kayla: Do you think  Kenny Chesney spends too much time on an island drinking rum?

Brad:  “I do, I think that he needs to become a productive member of society and quit embezzling all his money into a Cayman island account and going down there and spending money illegally in the British territories down there. I’m just surprised no one has called him out in the middle of one of our campaigns as somebody who has a lot of offshore accounts.”

Kayla: Do you think Carrie Underwood would be willing to adopt me?

Brad laughed and took a second to collect his thoughts and then said,

“You are going to do really well in life.  There are a lot of people who are going to give you a lot of respect with your attitude… I’m not one of them but there are a lot of people who will treat you well in your life.”

He also didn’t want to leave out what he thought about Carrie adopting the girl jokingly saying,

“Carrie Underwood, it’s a little known fact, hates children.”


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