Brad Paisley has a released a brand new lyric video for his latest hit “Southern Comfort Zone.” And this one definitely caters to the fans.

That’s because it’s a “fan lyric video” that includes the lyrics to the song written out within photos submitted that were by fans. Participants wrote the lyrics to the song on items such as poster board, note cards, their hand, and even a child’s “sweet tea” stand. Then they took a photo of their work and sent it in.

The locations run from Tennessee to Paris, Rome, and beyond, and participants range from kids to grandparents, people on vacation to soldiers serving abroad. (And speaking of participants: you might recognize a certain singer about halfway through, too.)

“Southern Comfort Zone” is one of the most powerful and engaging songs on country radio right now, featuring a rich melody with a positive, humanizing message underneath. And while it’s true the song is about the joys traveling the world, it’s not just about seeing the sights. At its core, the song is focusing on the wide and wild variety that humanity can take, if we all just take the time to look and explore.

And by including so many different faces and places, all featuring listeners in or out of their own “comfort zones,” this video echoes that message beautifully.

“Southern Comfort Zone” is available now on iTunes. Brad’s new album Wheelhouse is due in stores on April 9.

– Steve Koscik, US99.5/Chicago and Kurt Wolff,

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