Why Was Toby Keith’s First Trip To Nashville an Epic Fail?

Shayne and I had a ‘Behind The Music’  moment with Toby Keith.  There is a phrase in life I love, “It ain’t braggin if you can do it”.

For Toby Keith that sure rings true. Looking back on how he grew his career it’s no wonder he carries himself the way he does, and why he is so matter of fact.

His first trip to Nashville was not successful and he knows the exact reason why.

“The very first time I came over to Nashville, they took my songs and went, ‘You know what, instead of cutting your stuff cut these four songs.’ And we turned them in to Capitol, and of course they got rejected because they sucked.” Toby continues, “I went back home and said I’m just going to keep doing my songs whether I get a deal or not, you know? And I didn’t come back. And finally, Harold Shedd, was Vice President of Mercury Records, he flew over to Oklahoma City and said, ‘Hey I heard a lot about these songs you wrote and I want to hear them.’ I played two forty-five minute shows and he signed me.”


Watch Toby’s latest video for “Hope On The Rocks” here:


– Paul Koffy and Adam Greenwald, BUZ’N@102.9/Minneapolis

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