TJ’s Trash: Clydesdales, Farmers, Beyonce, & More Fun Facts

My favorite commercials every year are the Clydesdale and if they ever NOT have one, I’ll be sad.  I’ve been super emotional lately soooo everything makes me cry but THIS Clydesdale commercial from the Superbowl last night had me BAWLING! Haha  So ridiculous.  I even cried again watching it before posting and I know what happens! It’s so dang sweet!  Here is the extended version if you haven’t seen it.   P.S. How cute is the guy in the commercial?!

Another thing that got me teary last night. This picture of Jay-Z hugging Beyonce when she got off stage after halftime.  The cutest thing in the world to me is seeing a spouse so proud and supportive.  Makes my heart melt every time.
P.S.  Beyonce was HANDS down nothing less than amazing last night and if you want to dispute that, you put on 5 inch heels dance like that without falling, looking perfect, and sing on key…after you do, we’ll talk.  🙂  N-Sync, Britney, Nelly, Mary J, and Aerosmith will forever be my favorite though.



THIS commercial though takes it for the night.  Ram truck “God Made A Farmer” with Paul Harvey. Beautiful.

Fun Fact: The sign language guy? He was Eddie Munster from the 1960’s show.

Octomom lost a kid. Well, she thought she did.  She didn’t see him when they all were dropped off after school and freaked out calling the school and the cops but the bus driver said he personally dropped the boy off and saw Octomom there greeting them.   The nanny found the boy sleeping in his room.  I mean, I can see how kids can get lost or looked over all the time when you got that many right?  She should probably do a head count all the time or assign them buddies to hold hands with so she doesn’t lose them and call the police BEFORE checking rooms in the house, good thing she had a nanny to do that for her?

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