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In this interview with BUZ’N@102.9, as always, Toby Keith is candid and open about everything.  As you go through your day, are you aware of some of the little things that have totally changed your job or career?

Toby admits that there is one gadget in particular that has totally changed how he write music.  Very interesting to hear how even A List Superstars have a hard time with remembering the important things, and what they do to compensate!

“The best thing that ever happened to me, was being able to catalog and volumize all my [ideas], you know have an inventory, with an iPhone with the voice recorder app. Because I could be sitting here on break between these interviews and think of something somebody said that was funny and put it in the phone, or think of something somebody said that was deep and put it in the phone, and just absorb life, and then when I go to sit down and write I just pull that thing up and listen to all my recent ideas and go wow, I really want to write this, and you’ve got a starting point, you know? And if you’ve got a melody, boom, you can throw it in right there. I think the first ten years without an iPhone of my career, I probably left a lot of ideas on the table because you just can’t retain it all.”


Watch Toby’s latest video for “Hope On The Rocks” here:


– Paul Koffy and Adam Greenwald, BUZ’N@102.9/Minneapolis

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