Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum called in to BUZ’N@102.9 and had a conversation with Paul Koffy and Shayne Wells from Koffy In The Morning. Check out what Hillary has to say about her pregnancy, Lady A’s new single “Downtown”, and her thoughts on Beyonce possibly lip-syncing the National Anthem:

Hillary Scott Talks About Her Pregnancy:

“I haven’t been sick at all. Just really, really tired. I’ve actually become a much pickier eater pregnant, than I ever been before in my entire life. I haven’t wanted a lot of things. Like the first trimester, first few weeks of my trimester, the thought of ice-cream I could gag. Which I hope continues post-baby. That’d be great.” She continues, “Other than that, it’s been great. Just sleeping a lot. The baby’s doing really good. It’s exciting: new baby, new music, new single. Everything new and fun right now.”

Hillary Scott on Beyonce’s Supposed Lip Sync:

“We’ve never been in that situation, but I think we could easily put ourselves in that position to where, when you’re in that much of a high pressure situation, something that is gonna live on way past you ever will because it’s such a historical moment. I mean you look at the Super Bowl every year, no one ever, ever sings live hardly anymore for the national anthem. So I can only speak from just the experience that we have in this industry. I can see how you would want that, because there’s so many variables that could go wrong in that environment. And so, to have that safety, not that everyone would choose to do that, and I think it’s obviously still up in the air to what actually happened from what I gather. But I don’t judge anybody, because when you’re talking about a situation like that, you have to do what’s most comfortable for you and everybody knows she can sing every note on the scale, anyway.”

Hillary Scott on “Downtown”

“I think it’s so funny because I went to college for a couple years before I met Charles and Dave, right outside of Nashville, about 40 miles, at MTSU, Middle Tennessee State University. And when I heard it, all I could think about was, when you got asked out on a date in college in Murfeesboro [Tennessee], by a guy you went to college with at MTSU, if he drove you to Nashville for a date, he really liked you. So, that’s what I thought of initially whenever I heard the song. I love the empowerment behind her voice, the girl in the song, I loved how she was like ‘What? You’re just an idiot if you don’t want to take me out because I’m really fun and like to have a good time.’ And all those things. That was really where I went in my head, just a very, powerful fun girl, a strong girl.” She continued, “I think it can apply to any time in your relationship.”

Hillary On the upcoming CMT Crossroads with Stevie Nicks:

“That is such a dream come true. We had a conference call with her a little over a week ago and it was just amazing. You meet people, you talk to people who you looked up to , who were your heroes and legends in music, who you’ve looked up to your whole entire life. And she was everything and more than you could ever dream. Just so kind, such a pro and I can’t wait to meet her and give her a hug in person.”
On how it was arranged:
“It happens a lot of different ways. I think CMT arranges it sometimes. I think the country artist has another artist that they feel very passionate about. But this actually came from her [Stevie Nicks], which is the ultimate compliment, and it’s a really cool story that we’re going to let her tell on the show. So you’ll have to tune in to catch the whole back story, but It happened really organically and just in a special way. I’ll let her tell that story. “

– Adam Greenwald / BUZ’N@102.9 Minneapolis

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