By Koffy In The Morning

They say laughter is the best medicine.  I like laughing with others a lot. I enjoy laughing by myself just as much.(thank you Ole and Lena)

When the temperatures get this frigid there are a couple things that you can do outside that can provide enjoyment.  Heres the thing – there aren’t many people in the World that get to experience this type of condition. Seriously we are some pretty cool people – we don’t just dabble in it, it is a part of our LIFE.

That said, I would like to offer a couple ideas to make these snaps of subby weather a little more fun.

Icing a friend’s mail box is illegal – misting it with a spray bottle until it has a nice layer of ice over it making it difficult to open, is tampering with Federal Property so I don’t condone or advise that.

Taking some Jeans that are right out of the washer and hanging to freeze doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but then once they are stiff as a board,  tell the kids the first one to get a pair on wins ten bucks and watch how funny it gets!

Windshield LITE BRITE.   Grab a bag of gummy bears and gummy worms.  Head to a friends wind shield.  As you remove a gummy bear  from the bag, lick it and stick it to the windshield.  Make a pretty pattern that will make them laugh! They will need to defrost for a few to warm things up and loosen the bears but everything thaws out eventually.



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