By Koffy In The Morning

Somebody has to be bold enough to call a spade a spade.  Here is the deal, they have super computers that run tens of thousands of simulations for weather patterns for at least 6 -12 months in advance EVERY DAY!  The reason – crop insurance  and futures and stuff. Yeah they don’t publicize this because knowing is billions of bucks worth of information.  Google it you’ll find it.  They’re not going to tell you but I will.

Anyway so many people have completely forgot how totally awesome last winter was.  Hello! ?     Remember Last year?? It was crazy warm.

Hello 2013! We’ve had a snow, we had a cold snap, every one has caught a cold, wrestling meets and basketball games are filled with hacking and hankies and now comes mid 30’s and a 40 degree day for the second week of January!

Get your ice fishing done now! Ski NOW, ride the snowmobile NOW, and go ahead and drive into the ditch and get stuck NOW because as I see it, you are not going to have a chance to do it much longer in 2013.

I’m about to head to Houles in Stillwater and see if they have their garden starter kits out. It’s never too early to start those red potatoes and maters.

Sure Old Man Winter may have one more swing left in him, but honestly I think he’s come down with whooping cough and is going to re-evaluate how much energy he spends here in the Twin Cities.  “I’m gonna start saving my best stuff for Winnipeg” – I heard him say that last week.

You want more evidence?  I was still seeing sunlight at 4:45….what more do you need my friend, what more do you need?

I’m not saying that we won’t have to buy a couple more gallons of windshield wash or that there won’t be moments for the toes to get cold, but I’m grabbing some Deep Woods Off now while its on the cheap before retailers figure out whats going on.

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