Stall Secrets: Turn Your Vision Board Into an Action Board for 2013

So since it’s NYE I assume you may be thinking about your resolutions?  Or maybe you quit making them because you never stick to them.  That’s me.  I make them but then quickly forget what they were or lose focus.  Vision boards have been around forever but recently I’ve been hearing more about them, actually the “trend” now is calling them “Action Boards”   Why the name change? Well….

Vision boards are based on the Law of Attraction. The idea that your mode of thinking directly affects what the universe gives you.  So, cutting out pictures and writing down positive affirmations can be beneficial and can help organize your goals but if your board is filled with fantasy, it can set you up for failure.  Some psychologists say instead of making a “Vision Board” make an “Action Board,” if you ask me I think they are the same thing.  I mean, let’s be realistic just imagining you are going to get that new bedroom set you’ve REALLY wanted isn’t going to just poof magically appear in your bedroom you have to actually save the money for said bedroom set.  SO. if I look at the bedroom set every day it’s a top of mind reminder that I don’t need Starbucks, I can make my own coffee and put that $5.00 away to save for that bedroom set. Make Sense?

To make a vision/action board you get a big piece of card board paper, cut out things you want to change, get or do. Paste them to the board. Hang the board somewhere you can see it all the time every day to keep your goals top of mind. Remember just having arts and crafts day at your house won’t help make your dreams come true but it can help you visualize them.  Don’t make it super cluttered, I’ve seen vision boards with ALL kinds of things on there how can you focus on one goal at a time with all that clutter?!  You can’t so post 4 or 5 pictures of things and goals that are actually attainable.  You aren’t going to marry Channing Tatum in 2013, sorry.  Don’t cut out pictures of Obama if you want to be president, you aren’t going to Freaky Friday switch places with him in 2013.  Be simple, maybe instead of cutting out a picture of Channing Tatum, you write “go on dates with dark haired guys who can dance” or if you do want to be president write “delete facebook, ask friends to erase/give back incriminating photos”  think baby steps. simple. attainable.  2013.

My point is….No matter what you call it a vision board only works if you take action to complete those goals and if you are like me and forget your resolutions or give up after a month or two, maybe making one of these is something you could try!

Cheers to a new year and accomplishing at least ONE of your goals you have set for yourself!

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