Fish’s Top 10 Songs Of 2012

BUZ’N staff is counting down their top song picks of 2012. Here’s Fish’s picks:

10) ‘Bruises’ – Train and Ashley Monroe
– We were the first station in the Country to debut this song (I myself got to play it by the way!) and I’ve liked it ever since that first time I heard it … it’s got a very catchy beat that reminds me of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Cecilia.”

9) ‘Drunk On You’ – Luke Bryan
– How can you not sing along…”Girl you make my speakers go boom boom!”

8) ‘Goodbye In Her Eyes’ – Zac Brown Band
– This song grew on me. I love how it starts slow and then picks up throughout the song. Also, I really love the violin in the song.

7) ‘Blown Away’ – Carrie Underwood
– I like this song because it scared me (as you’ll see, a lot of songs scared me this year!) It has a very creepy dark tone to it that I really like plus, Carrie can do no wrong in my book, she could make monkey sounds and I’d still love it!

6) ‘Pontoon’ – Little Big Town
– Mmmmm motorboatin’! It reminds me of Summer and they reference one of my favorite adult beverages, Coors Light!

5) ‘Tornado’ – Little Big Town
– Back to back Little Big Town choices? Yep, they had a huge year and I am really digging there latest stuff. Especially “Tornado”, it’s another song that scares me with its creepy tones and beat.

4) ‘Something ‘Bout a Truck’ – Kip Moore
– It’s a fun toe tapper! Every time I hear it, I crank it up and sing along.

3) ‘You Don’t Know Her Like I Do’ – Brantley Gilbert
– This song was huge when I first started working at BUZ’N so it reminds me of good times. Plus, I’m a big fan of Brantley’s music, he’s got a unique voice.

2) ‘Cruise‘ – Florida Georgia Line
– There’s no way I could NOT have this song on my list
– It’s a jam…you know you crank it up and sing along when it comes on!

1) ‘Better Dig Two’ – The Band Perry
– I’m a huge fan of TBP, so I was pumped that they had a new song. It’s one of those songs that I’ve “dug” (pun intended) from the first time I heard it. Plus, it is different than other songs they have done and I really like the sound (bring on the drums!) And yes, it’s another song that scares me…I must scare easily!

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