Look! How fun!!!

I got this idea from Pinterest but modified it a little bit.  I’m wearing my hair like this today and to the airport on Christmas Eve!  I mean, why not right?!


How to make your own Rudolph hair:

This is the link to the original I found but I modified mine to make it a little easier.

They used pipe cleaners and formed them into antlers but I don’t want to have to take them out when going through security at the airport so I bought a headband that had antlers on it and cut them off and super glued them to a bobby pin.

Then I glued the red pom to a bobby pin and instead of making my own eyes, I bought the googly ones from the store and super glued those to bobby pins.

I didn’t know how to make a cute bun but Shayne from the Morning show did this for me and she uses a sock that you twist, put it inside itself and safety pin it so it doesn’t come undone. The sock makes a circle and you put it over your pony tail, wrap your hair around it to cover the sock, pin your hair and Tada!!!!

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