Capital Records Nashville sat down with some of its artists and asked them about their favorite Christmas memory. David Nail’s: his dad asleep on the couch.

“It was always very, very simple. My grandparents lived right across the street from us. I would get up in the morning, and I’d look out the window and you’d see a car there, and you’d get in the shower and come back and see a couple more cars there and it was kind of that anticipation of seeing all the family members start to come into town in the morning. And then we always got to kind of roll over there last, and it was like once we showed up, that was kind of the go-time! The food’s out, you eat, and so after we ate and after we opened gifts, it was kind of a race to see who could catch my dad sneak back across the street to take a nap, because he was always the first one to start dozing off on the couch.”

Listen to David’s favorite Christmas memory in his own words:

Check back for more including George Strait’s Christmas Memories, Luke Bryan’s Christmas Plans, and Josh Turner’s Favorite Christmas Food.

Adam Greenwald, BUZ’N 102.9/CBS Minneapolis

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