I can easily say Friday was the most challenging day of my career watching what was unfolding in Newtown, CT,  trying to stay upbeatish to do a radio show and keep you informed on the horrible details coming in.  It was so hard.  All those little kids, I just can’t deal with that. It’s just too sad.  There’s so much politics surrounding this tragedy now. I hate it. I don’t know what the right answers are, I just hope something changes so these things stop happening. I think I saw a tweet from Ann Curry that said, if we all just did 20 random acts of kindness for each child lost imagine how much better the world would be. I know I’ve been a lot more patient in traffic, in lines, and more aware of others around me. At the end of the day all I can control or change is myself, I guess that’s where it starts for all of us.

The other thing that can make me cry in an instant is abused, hurt, sad, lonely, cold, hungry animals.  One day I hope I can have a farm where I can take in all the animals, give them love and try to adopt out as many of them as I can or just let them live out the rest of their life, as long as they are happy.   My dad’s dog, Zimmer passed away on Saturday.  He was old, blind, and deaf it was his time but it doesn’t suck any less. He was my dad’s baby.  He used to walk around with a pillow around his neck so when he would lay down the pillow would just be there under his chin. haha He was so spoiled.

Here is Zimmer with my me, my dad, and my nephew 6ish years ago.

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One more week and I get a week off for vacation!  My mom and step dad moved out to Vegas a couple years ago to be close to my grandparents so my entire family goes to Vegas now for Christmas.  I haven’t seen my family in a year.  I was close when I lived in Utah so I went all the time to visit and even when they lived in Omaha it wasn’t a horrible drive.  I never thought I’d go an entire year without seeing them. It’s been so hard, in fact this past year has been one the most challenging but best years for so many different reasons. For example,  I moved here for something I REALLY wanted but challenging because I spent all my money changing my mind about where to move (originally I was moving somewhere else and last minute came here) so dinner for awhile was hotel room chocolates. It’s funny now (best diet ever).  And I had to see the word “grateful” used to describe the end of what was everything to me. Everything. But we all have struggles and I have been throwing a pity party for one for way too long.  Even though January 1, 2013 will just be another day, it does symbolize the beginning of a new year and I could use a new beginning and I’ll be thankful for it.

The staff here at BUZ*N is going to be in the Holidazzle parade this Friday night!  I get to be Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz, hope to see you there!

Sometimes I get bored and play photo shoot with my dogs. haha  Oh man does Kitty HATE it when I dress him up.  First I put him in the Christmas tree outfit and Zoey in the Mrs. Claus outfit


THEN I decided his Elf costume is cuter so this is what I ended up with!


I hope you get to spend Christmas with the people you love and instead of rushing through the holiday, take in every moment and appreciate it.  Instantly it can all be gone, life moves way too fast sometimes and I don’t think we take enough time to stop and just enjoy it.   I wish you the very merriest Christmas and the happiest New Year!    ~tj

PS…check out my next Stall Secrets post for cute and funny holiday hair!  I’m totally rocking this to the airport on Christmas Eve!

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