It’s not often a self-proclaimed “redneck” country singer winds up sipping champagne in a private room at Saks Fifth Avenue. But that’s exactly what happened to Brantley Gilbert recently.

Brantley stopped by the studio at Chicago’s US99.5 for a chat with morning show hosts Lisa Dent and Ramblin’ Ray. And during their conversation he talked about his recent glimpse into how the other half shops.

Brantley was in New York City during Fashion Week, because he hangs out with, as Lisa put it, “a girl who tends to be a fashionista.” (Yes, that would be Jana Kramer.) And as he explained, he wound up shopping for women’s shoes in a high-end store, wearing a “wife beater” T-shirt and jeans with holes in them.

“As everybody knows, I’m from Georgia, and I’m, you know, a redneck,” says Brantley.

Well Brantley and his lady friend were out to dinner one night, he says, and he asked if she needed him to get anything for her.

“She was up there for Fashion Week, so at dinner, she was joking around one night, I said, ‘Do you need anything?’ She said, ‘Yeah, if you could grab me a pair of Christian Louboutins.’ Which I had no clue what that was.”

So later, he says, he went to find them.

“I walk up to the the eighth floor of Saks Fifth Avenue, in a wife beater, hole-y jeans, chains, tattoos hanging out. And this guy came skipping up to me, like, ‘Somebody’s out of place. That means somebody special.’ I was like, ‘Dude, just stop! You got to help me out.’

“Next thing I knew, they got this redneck and my buddy sitting down in a chair, they’re bringing champagne out and stuff. I was like, ‘Dude, this is it! Alright, I get it!'”

“We made a lot of friends that day. They got a kick out of us.”

Listen to Brantley Gilbert tell the story for himself on US99.5.

– Kurt Wolff, CBS Local

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