Stall Secrets: Fat Burning Soda and Caviar ATMs?

Fat Blocking Soda?!   Hmmm….I don’t know about all that.

Pepsi Japan just launched “Pepsi Special” its a “fat blocking soda.”  Pepsi Special has indigestible dextrin in it, a synthetic dietary fiber. Pepsi says it will absorb the fat in the meals you eat but it also can absorb vitamins, minerals, and even medications  but that is common with all fiber.   Now, dextrin hasn’t been proven to have dietary benefits for humans BUT it has been successfully tested on rats which I guess is good enough for them! There is NO WAY I’m drinking something only proven in rats but that’s just me.   The average American drinks 44.7 gallons of soda a year according to 2010 statics from the Beverage Marketing Corp soooo maybe fat blocking soda would make them feel better about drinking soda?

Pepsi Special is reportedly being marketed primarily at young Japanese men.

A Caviar ATM?! WHY???  Do people in LA really need their caviar right. now. that a caviar atm is actually needed?  So strange to me. Something else I will in fact not try. Described as “caviar boutiques” the machine stocks caviar from all over the world and also have truffles, escargot, and some other fancy foods I’ve never heard of. I mean, what if the machine temperature breaks and you order food?  I’m not sure I trust vending machines, there isn’t anyone to monitor them like there is at a restaurant.  Oh and some the caviar will cost you $500 an ounce!   My goodness that’s ridiculous.  Every time someone mentions caviar I always think of the scene with Goldie Hawn in my favorite movie ever…Overboard.  If you haven’t seen the movie, totally worth watching.

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Photo via Facebook: Gourme Tfood

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