Glamour Magazine tweeted out the top 15 cities with single men.  According to a new Bloomberg study Maple Grove is #11 tied with South Jordan, Utah and like Maple Grove and Minneapolis, South Jordan is a suburb of Salt Lake City and I find that amusing because I just moved from there to here and Utah is NOT the place to find your future mate.  Trrrrrrust me on that.  So, if you are single hang out in Maple Grove! I’m a fan of Wild Bills.  According to the older women I know I should ALWAYS go to the grocery store full make up cause apparently that is the place where you will catch a husband. haha.  I’m 95% sure I’m not getting ready to go to the grocery store but since I live in Plymouth I might have to change where I shop…

Maybe I won’t die alone after all?  :::cue the dramatics:::

PS here is the Glamour article if you wanna check it out!

I’ve started to look at homes to buy within a year or two and mannnn there are some gorgeous houses here. Nothing I will ever be able to afford in my lifetime but these homes on the lakes are INcredible.  If you live in one I envy you and you should invite me over so I can gush about how lucky you are and how much I love your home.

Warning: I might not leave.  Hope you like dogs.

Speaking of homes, I’ve decided to have projects, I spend wayyy too much time on my couch feeling sorry for myself because my life has currently turned into all the fears I had.  In my younger days I had a plan, goals, and dreams for how I’d like my life to be at this point (personally not professionally) and then all that was taken away and it turned into everything I was afraid it would be.  So. The less time I have to think about it, the better I am.  My new project is a DIY headboard.  I’m NOT handy or crafty at all so this will be quite the adventure but I want to re do my bedroom and I really like this look! I’m doing purple and gray (Ha! I almost spelled gray “grey” thank you Greys Anatomy and 50 Shades of Grey).

headboard Bathroom Blog: All The Single Ladies, All The Single Ladies...Go to Maple Grove!

Tomorrow is voting day. I REALLY hope you vote!  I feel like this election is especially important.  Tomorrow is going to be interesting and I might unfriend half of my facebook friends. haha. Ok, not really but I’ll think about it.
Are you watching The Voice?  Blake has a girl on his team that I met years ago when she was in a band called “Hey Monday” her name is Cassedee Pope.  If I wouldn’t have watched her audition episode I wouldn’t have even recognized her! Here’s a pic of us!

cassidepope Bathroom Blog: All The Single Ladies, All The Single Ladies...Go to Maple Grove!

This is the view out my window, I love seeing this.  I forgot how much I loved the fall not living in the Midwest for so long. I love everything about it and wish it could be fall everyday!

img 20121023 081358 Bathroom Blog: All The Single Ladies, All The Single Ladies...Go to Maple Grove!

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