Slot E10 in the Snack Machine = ANGER

OMG – I went to check on storage prices yesterday.  Not something I have done before.  I wanted to get Heated Storage because some of the items I have will definitely get brittle and snap in the middle of winter.  $250 a month? Really ? If I get a cot and a key to the bathroom, I would sublet the space.  Thinking for that money I can buy a space heater and a 20-foot shipping container and have it paid for in 6 months.  Dilemma! Still going to price shop, but looks like a big rusty shipping container from China is in my future.

Or a refer unit semi trailer. I don’t know how much those cost though, and moving one of those would probably have to be done in the dead of night or no wait I mean by someone with a Commercial Driver’s License.


I have been clean off N.O. EXPLODE for 6 days. THIS IS A MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT.  I know I have a very addictive and needy personality (which is why I’ve never done drugs.) Dang, if I can’t stop with M&M’s, eating whole cakes, or if you’re having one beer why not have 30) but I didn’t realize just how much I have become connected to this caffeine/sports pre-work out drink.   I am on lots of water and Alkaline pills.  I did a PH test and I was basically battery acid on the inside and took me four days to balance out.  Call me PH balanced now!


Talk about TICKED! So I NEEDED some chocolate this morning – – hey I’ve been without NO EXPLODE, I needed something.  Picture this, I walk up to the snack machine take a look, there they are Recess Peanut Butter Cups. MMM MM MMM right?  Dollar in! (which BTW I’m not pointing fingers but I am pretty sure that TJ raided my stash of quarters, but I found enough)   So the dollar is in and the slot is E10.

I gently push the Letter E. Then I gently push the first digit 1 and before I could find the 0 a disgusting bag of Twizzler Strawberry Bites falls to the bottom of the machine. NOOOoooooooooo!! Crapity Crap crapola! There’s a 10? What? Who does that? What keypads have the number 10?  Let me think … oh yeah … NONE!  Well, none except for this one that just nailed me for another $1 so I could get my chocolate.

Shayne appreciated the mistake, as apparently she likes eating cold nasty Twizzlers.


How long do you normally go with your check engine light on? Mine’s been on for about three weeks.

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