By Koffy In The Morning

So my buddy got a new place to live. I’m driving to it, and I see what looks to be a stand of bees in the back of the property.  He asks around and one neighbor said that the owner of the stand is gone and had left them.  Being a keeper of the bees I picked up a sack of sugar and some hot water and set out to feed those buggers before winter sets in – to give them a great shot at making it to May.

Well we were there about 15 minutes when Mr. Johnson showed up.  Apparently there were not abandoned and the owner of the bees is in fact still alive.

I wanted to shout YOU’RE ALIVE!  But we explained what were were doing and then got into a conversation of how many Coyotes he wanted us to shoot and if we were going to, to go ahead and take out as many racoons as possible.  Which – BTW, the coons apparently are spreading DISTEMPER like CRAZY right now so don’t leave out cat or dog food and make sure your pets are up on their shots!


LOVE seeing that Garth is now in the real stage of a comeback – if we are in fact being real and not just working on another way for him to re-re-re-re-release that same box set that have had six lives.   I LOVE GARTH – but even I was a little “over” the marketing on his last exit.  His music has been a great inspiration and friend to me so I hope he returns in an BIG way.


Million Dollar Idea: OK, so Amazon has 70 million customers a month. I’m guessing that I am not the only one who screws up when downloading an MP3 and ends up with a cover version of a popular song. Well, I am going to start uploading ridiculously dumb parodies and see what sells.  Like making Florida Georgia Line’s Cruise into a fart joke … odds are that out of 70 million, @ $.50 a download and grabbing only .0025 % of the customer base – Boom $87,000.00  – which isn’t a million – but 15 songs later and we’re in business.

Gettin’ Busy!!

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