Stall Secrets: Pumpkin… Everything

Pumpkin is all the rage right now, because logically that’s what you see/eat/drink/carve/bake when October rolls (haha rolls…get it?!) around.

At Burger King in Japan you can get a Pumpkin Burger. This burger features two slices of kabocha (a green, melon sized winter squash commonly known as “Japanese pumpkin”), along with bacon, lettuce, a beef patty and a creamy sesame seed/peanut/almond/cashew and hazelnut sauce, all in a pumpkin-shaped bun (which made me lol because it looks just like a regular bun).   I don’t know if it’d taste very good but it sure does look pretty!  All it will cost you is about $4 plus a round trip ticket to Japan.

burger king pumpkin burger Stall Secrets: Pumpkin... Everything

Image: Burger King Japan

It’s been awhile since I’ve carved a pumpkin so I’m a little rusty but I’m pretty sure I missed my calling…professional pumpkin carver.

Can you tell what it is?

It’s a Husker football helmet!

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Did you see my older blog post with a super cool Pumpkin Bowl? No?

Here you go!

The pumpkin balloon I rode in with my Bff’s son last week.

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Ok, that one was stretching it.

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