By Koffy In The Morning

Geez did you see the size of that thing on Jennifer Anniston’s left hand?   Cripes if that’s a 2 month salary – what the heck is that guy doing on the side for that kinda cash?  AND why would you walk around with something that expensive on your hand?  That’s just asking for someone to come and cut your finger off.  You may say PFFFFTTTT….but its true! happens every year somewhere here in the USA.  One year my wife saw a really cool fake ring that she liked. I think it was a Kohls.  Anyway if it was real if would have cost as much as our house but it was a fake. She bought it, wore it, and didn’t think anything of it.  Month or so later noticed the ladies around the office being really catty. One finally made a quip about not being rich like her and being about to afford such an expensive ring.  My wife laugh and said something like “it’s good to be rich” and didn’t tell them it was a $25 ring. LOL

Leanne Rimes missing more shows for a purported dental infection. Well – its either a really good excuse or its real. And I for one would like to say it’s real. Ever known someone who has had to go through a sinus/dental ordeal – CRIPES what a nightmare!

I love that Taylor Swift is putting more cryptic messages in her new CD Sleeve. Not  so much for the messages…but that she is infusing creativity into every aspect of the project.  Awesome!
We’ve got a Chihuahua who has decided he likes taking one of the phones out of the OTTERBOX hiding the Case and then putting the phone back where he found it  – as a game.   Nuts!

WILL TODAY BE THE DAY?  OMG I put an offer in on a house in the first week of July.  Its a short sale.  I’ve been waiting….and waiting. Today may be the day that the offer get officially accepted and we set a closing date.  I am  ready for the home! Other offers other inspections – its been literally a gauntlet.

Also thinking I need to drink more water – how about you?  Add some lemon if you can, Alkalizing is good for ya.

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