By Koffy In The Morning

WOWeeee what an awesome weekend – A’right for tomorrow A MUST photo I will be adding is of BYRON’S BAGGER.  Byron has made his own leaf bagger that more resembles a round baler than a  leaf bagger. He can literally put a square yard of mulched leaves in this thing before having to dump it.  He made it to attach to his regular lawnmower – works like a champ!


donkey Jack O Deer Shining And Sparrowhawks

Saturday, I made it out to Neumann’s Farms in Osceola and got out pumpkins for the year. Tim and Todd (in order of age) were out there and it was PICK-YOUR-OWN day.  I skipped going in to the field and just picked the ones closest to the car. Big’uns! Tomorrow I’m going to bring one in for Shayne to Carve AND plan on making one that I can put a DEER SPOTLIGHT in to shine that sumna’ biscuit from here to Cromwell.  BAM!  #JACKODEERSHININGLIGHT    – You boys shining Deer?  No Sir that’s our Pumpkin.

Oh – also out at Neumanns place they had a Donkey named SAM.  I took this pic and told my wife I got him free  for buying six pumpkins.

She was not amused.


bird Jack O Deer Shining And Sparrowhawks

Sparrowhawk just chillin on my leg

SUNDAY was AWESOME – WHY??? Look at this!  This Sparrowhawk sat on my lap for about 8 minutes! He just sat there looking around and had no interest in clawing my face off!  Then he/she just flew off into a Sunday afternoon.  SparrowHawks are GOOD TOTEM!

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