Bathroom Blog: “Well That’s it Then, I’m Dead”

I don’t know WHAT is wrong with me lately. I am just so out of it and not paying attention to things which makes what happened totally my own fault.

This morning I was at a Starbucks in Target and I was looking at my phone while the worker made my latte.  Another girl walked up and worker said “I’ll be right with you” she kept making my drink and I saw her move in my direction (while I was still looking at my phone) so I look up and see a grande with a green thing in the lid right there on the counter so I grab it cause now she’s gone over to the register to help the other girl. There was only 2 of us there so when I walked away she didn’t say “stop I didn’t give you your drink” or anything, haha Once in my Jeep I take a drink and it’s hot chocolate. I ordered a Pumpkin Spice latte. I said that out loud a few times to decide if it kinda sounded like “Hot Chocolate” It doesn’t. THEN I noticed it was half full!

I’m a germ freak out. I’m on medication called Enbrel that makes me have a weakened immune system sooo I’m always paranoid I’m going to get some crazy disease that I’d need Dr. House to figure out to save my life. haha  Anyway, I still feel gross just writing this, I wanted to go to the hospital to get some kind of rabies shot or something.  I’m of course assuming this was some random strangers half drank hot chocolate.

My friend’s dad just sent me this video and because I have NO words to describe how disgusted I am, THIS video is EXACTLY me this morning!  I actually wiped my tongue with a napkin and thought about stopping at the liquor store to get one of those tiny bottles of alcohol! haha

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