By Koffy In The Morning

This just in – Honey Boo Boo family is wanting more money for their reality show.  Now I,  like you, are probably thinking right now, first wanted to hop in the “those greedy redneckafarians need to just calm down and be thankful for their 15 minutes.”  But then when I heard they this highly rated cash cow was only paying them $2000 an episode – I laughed and then agreed with the family that they probably should be getting a little more money for the rights to document their lives — $2000 a month won’t even cover the psychiatric care those kids are going to have to go through in the not to distant future.

I’m not a Dr. – I’m not judging  – I’m just sayin’.


This Panda Ross lady absolutely threw it down last night on the X FACTOR  – I mean like WOW DAAANNNNNNG that was good, and then it sounded like a lung was going to collapse.  She said she maybe had pneumonia or asthma – but in listening to her talk it sounded more like a 2-pack habit. (Not to be confuse with a 2pac habit – totally different a maybe even more dangerous.)

I’m not judging, I’m just sayin’.


I’m realizing that by throwing a disclaimer on everything, you can really express yourself fully.  Try it at some point in the next couple hours – say whatever you want and then tag it with… but I’m not going to judge.

The author of 50 Shades of Grey is in Edina, Minn. tonight doing a book signing.  I don’t know why she would want to touch all of those books after all those people have held them and had dirty thoughts.  That to me would be worse than sitting in a chair that is still warm from someone else body heat.  I hate that and cannot stand it.  YUCK.  Yuck. Yuck.  (*not the content of the book, the sitting in a chair that is still warm from someone else.)  It took me years to get used to having seat warmers in the cars – having to tell myself that it wasn’t hot from someone else.


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