I love that all the new fall shows are starting this week.   I’m over American Idol, they have NO idea what they are doing this season.  Auditions start in a few days and the only person confirmed to judge is Mariah Carey.  Rumor has it Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban are reallllly close to signing AND Randy Jackson was not going to judge this season and just be a “mentor” but from what I hear Enrique Iglesias was supposed to judge and just backed out so they are working with Randy to put him back in the judges chair.  4 judges didn’t work the first time they tried AND Nicki Minaj is ANNNNNOying.

I’ve been watching The Voice though, that show is fun, plus Blake and Adam are HILARIOUS together.  I watched the The X-Factor last night especially now that Britney Spears is on, I loved it.  Simon Cowell seems like such a good guy, I love that he’s hanging out with Britney, I bet he takes such good care of her. Did you see them on Ellen?  I loved when he was calling her “mean,” its pretty funny.  She he needs to stop making those weird turtle faces though.

And if you didn’t see this on last nights premiere episode, here you go. THIS clip made the entire show worth watching. I bawled. Shocking I know. haha

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