I know the temps hit a high 80’s Tuesday but Monday while out and about in River Falls, there was a distinct aroma in the air!   The Leaves They Are A Changing!

Hot Chocolate at High School football games can not be too far off!  And I think its funny that if you are trained well enough, your smoke alarms are going to start beeping for battery replacement too. OMG how I hate trying to find THE ONE that is beeping – just replace all of them at the same time.  You going to have to at some point anyway – just knock it out and be done with it.

The MN State Fair is now in the books, school has started, what is next on the yearly events calendar – winterizing the cabin?  Crazy to think about how fast this summer has gone.

Deirks Bently shared that he is super stoked about the NFL Season Kicking off.  Shayne has informed me that Fantasy Football updates need to be done all the time, and then let everyone else know that I am paying someone to handle my league.  I didn’t get any texts about it, so the other leaguers must have already been at work!

This morning on the WCCO-TV hit you can find out about the best and worst “nicknames” for your gal.  Worth checking out if you have been calling your gal Toots or Babe recently. Personally I found it a relief to know that WARDEN was not on the list!

Russel Crowe got lost on a Kayak.  Certain things I need on nature outings – gasoline powered engines, GPS, and Perkins.  If those things can be worked out than I am all in for whatever kind of boating, camping, hiking trip.  Otherwise you risk doing exactly what Russ did – get lost and have the national media point its finger at you and say,  “How’d that happen?”

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