By Koffy In The Morning

This is my inaugural year in Fantasy Football. I am learning as I go.

I am in the Saint Croix Separation League and I don’t know exactly how this shakes out, but am feeling that being in the PINK AND PLAID DIVISION isn’t a sign of respect for my potential killa skillz.

My Team is “YOUR MAMA 8 DRUNK APES”.  I have no idea how I strung those words together but now it’s set.

User name is Drew A. Blank.

Draft – Tonight.  And I have been told that I cannot mix characters from World of Warcraft or Dungeons and Dragons into my team. Also, there are no Jessica Rabbit’s in Fantasy Football.  I am having a hard time figuring out why its called FANTASY football.  PRETEND COMPUTER FOOTBALL would have maybe been a more accurate depiction.

Gimme Tommy Kramer, Troy Aikmen, and Brett Favre –  Mean Joe Green, Too Tall Jones, Jerry Rice, #FAIL

Apparently you need to know a substantial amount about this stuff.  I have a couple buddies that cannot wait to take my money as they say the  rookie at this game is to dull to figure things out.

There is always a work around … like paying a Master of the game and giving him my user name and password.

Now I’m ready to talk some smack!  #horrayforteameffort!

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