Bathroom Blog: How to Eat Fair Food and Still Lose Weight!

Ok, so this is my first state fair and let me tell you it’s insane!!! Insanely good!  All anyone has been telling me is all the things I HAVE to eat! Im here 10 days so I have to pace myself or I’ll be sick  plus I’ve lost 22lbs on Medifast so far and I don’t want to gain it all back obviously. haha

I’ve had a Pronto Pup, tried some fried pickles and Tiny Tims mini doughnuts. I did however have my own cheese curds, I like them wayyy more than I thought I would. I tried some of those Cookies everyone loves, in fact I had some for breakfast haha  I also drank too much yesterday and decided this (see photo) was a good idea…for the record…it wasnt.

img 20120828 165622 Bathroom Blog: How to Eat Fair Food and Still Lose Weight!

Annnnnyway….I thought it’d be fun to get on the scale this am and see how much I’ve gained AND! I’ve lost 1.5lbs! That’s right people I said LOST!!!  I figured out how….

I lost my Jeep. Seriously.  The close parking lot was full so I had to park wayyyy far away from the Buzn booth but when I left I got backwards and probably walked oh, 10 miles…ok, not that far but it felt like it. It was sooo far, I walked from one end of the fair to the other THEN realized it was where I started and had to walk alllll the way back but the other direction, I walked an hour. I bawled the whole way, haha!  It was dark, I was alone, I was tired, I was carrying 3 bags, and I hate being lost. I like really cried hard, that in itself was a work out but whatever it worked! In 6 days at the fair, eating Medifast bars for my other meals AND all of the above I’ve actually lost weight! So the trick is, lose your car.  Or just walk a lot.

One more thing, I drive a Jeep and it doesn’t have doors AND I left my keys in the ignition (same night I lost my car). It was a public lot and I could not be more proud of the people that live here for not stealing my car. haha that would have never happened in previous states I’ve lived it. Way to go Minnesota nice!

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