By Koffy In The Morning

So in going over the list of different foods available at the Great MN Get Together this year, I am noticing some MAJOR omissions.  Then In doing some research  found out there is one food that has never made the cut…Whaaaaa?????

1. LEFSE ON A STICK – Seriously – Lefse on a Stick has never made it at the State Fair?  This is Minnesota, I can see if Alabama isn’t going to put the pride of potato on a stick to deep fry but c’mon – we need Lefse on a stick.  Sons of Norway please take note. Thank you.

2. 5 HOUR ENERGY BUTTER:  Take the best part of Energy Supplements and add it to the best part of food on Earth – Butter.   Imagine how this would change your world?  Toast, Cookies, Potatoes,  and I’d like to see what happens to the cat that jumps up on the counter for a few overnight tongue fulls of this stuff!

3. BALLS OF BIGFOOT –  These things are a unique as Minnesota and Bigfoot combined.  Quite simply,  brilliance in the form of food.  Ground up beef jerky formed into meatballs with the help of a couple brauts for texture.

Can’t you taste it now?

Me too all of them – and yet they will not be at the fair.  Email me if you would like to go halvzies on getting these things ready for 2013!

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