Defending Randy Travis and Spotting Adrian Peterson

To the defense of Randy Travis (except for the 98 Grand Prix part – Randy you’ve sold 20 million records – you can step it up):

Listen, we’ve all experience heartbreak and loneliness to one degree or another. Randy is going through a little rough patch.

We’ve all found ourselves naked and needing cigarettes,  taking out traffic cones,  and needing the caress of sweet soft asphalt on our bare skin in the midnight hour.

Ummm the threatening a police officer and DWI part not so good, but the the other stuff isn’t anything than any of us haven’t found ourselves doing on any random weekend at the cabin right?

I think Randy found the Texas Chupacabra and it nearly killed him.


In other news – say what Taylor Swift you sly sly cat!  Taylor’s latest beau was under 18 when they started dating so they waited till he was 18 to go public with it.  *I* can’t believe that the Kennedy’s would allow such a thing.



They go in the sock drawer.  Google it you will find the same answer.  A good majority of Olympic Athletes put the pinnacle of their careers in the bedroom sock drawer.  Seems only fitting.  I treasure socks like gold and I put them in the same drawer.

Love the Sesame Street Blake Shelton video on the Buz’n main page – check it out with the kids if you get a chance.

Yesterday I saw Adrian Peterson downtown Minneapolis.  He drove right by the station. (Ready for tomorrow preseason kick off)  Shayne said it wasn’t him because Adrian doesn’t drive a late model Toyota Camry.  Oh Yeah? and Randy Travis doesn’t drive a 98 Grand Prix?

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