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We kicked it off early this morning with our # 4 WCCO talk.  Boosting your mood is as easy as complimenting yourself out loud. For Real – studies have shown that giving yourself a compliment out loud can boost your mood by as much as 25%.  By my calculations if you compliment yourself 8 or 9 times you will be happier than a puppy with two…..well you know the sayin.

Kristen Stewart is no longer Team Edward,  she instead is Team Cheat With A Married Man Tho Has Two Kids.  I think they will shorten that to TCWAAMMTHTK.   Everyone will be using that…quite sure.

Ever run into a room and immediately forget why you were in that room?  Happens to everyone.  Scientist have got involved and say DOORS are the ones to blame.  Our brain uses doors as reset markers so if we are not vigilant on what it is that we are doing, the moment we walk through the door POOF our brain hits a reset button and we forget what we were doing.

Brad Paisley is the latest rumored Celebrity to be courted by American Idol.  I think it would interview with his touring and music stuff, but we shall see!

Also, on the top of this post is a picture of myself and Shayne presenting before the Kid Rock concert on Sunday, July 15th.

Right below is an up close picture of Kid Rock on stage at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel.

Kid Rock Up Close

(courtesy of: Mystic Lake Casino Hotel)

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