Calling it ‘quality time’ may be a stretch, but I did get to sit down and chat with both of these country stars for about 5 minutes at Country Jam Saturday (7/21/12). I was immediately at ease when Jerrod took the stage with me. He’s charming, witty and gave a great interview. My favorite answer may have come when I asked him about the subject of the first song he wrote as an 8-year-old. Let’s just say his sister will probably ask that he stop talking about it since it has to do with the shape of her behind.

Luke was also a fun interview and so stinkin’ handsome. But it didn’t feel the same as Jerrod. I saw him before and after the interview and my feeling is that he was distracted, distant. He did everything we’d expect him to do and said the right things, but I feel like he was going through the motions (thankfully that included giving me a hug). Well, whatever it was I sensed had disappeared by the time he took the stage. He put on a great show and even covered Adele, Justin Bieber and Tupac.

Conclusion: Jerrod is the guy you want to have a beer (or 5) with, while Luke is the guy you want to put on a show.

Overall, Country Jam was a fantastic experience! I can’t wait to go again next year.

Jerrod & Shayne

Country Jam 2012
(credit: BUZ’N @ 102.9/CBS)

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