Jake Owen, Michael Irvin, and Tube Socks

Last week was CRAZY busy.  I know that is not an exclusive experience in today’s world – but notice that crazy is in all caps.

Country Jam – awesome.  On Thursday night after doing the Trace Adkins intro, Jake Owen was hanging behind the stage with Merle(his dog) and Lacy(his wife).  We kicked gravel and talked for about 45 minutes.  He and his wife are solid “Good People” – Merle is ah-ryght too.

It was awesome seeing all the Buz’n fans out there. Seriously  – just awesome!

  • Get yourself some self confidence with New Tube Socks. I know it sounds outrageous but you’ll get it after watching the WCCO segment with Koffy in the Morning – linked below.
  • I had flown to Texas over the weekend, on the flight back, I sat next to Michael “PLAYMAKER” Irvin.  I don’t think he was in his zone flying coach but we were in an exit row, so next best thing right?  What did I learn about the NFL Super Star?  He likes Cheddar and Peanut Butter Lance Crackers and talking really loud to himself while his headphones are on.  LOL he was going over commercial copy for some NFL Gameday commercials –  GOOD MORNING GAME DAY! in a silent airplane.  After about 15 times of really loud rehearsing he took the headphones off and asked, ” Hey man am I talking really loud?”


He just started laughing.  One last thing – Michael Irvin – PLAYMAKER = Armrest Hog.  I know I was in the middle seat which is the subordinate to the Aisle or window – but when you’ve got the window and an armrest, you should give up the center armrest to the poor chump in the middle seat(poor chump being me).  So there were some elbow wars going on.  He won.

I am doing some reconnaissance (note – it just took me 5 minutes to figure out how to spell reconnaissance….)  – anyway- on speeding up a  “Short Sale”.  I will be the irritating persistent  ‘give me some answers’ guy.  I will let you know how that goes.  If my methods work, I will be sharing them.     Sharing them in a book for $19.95  – hey now!

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