I was horrified hearing the story of Hope the dog last week. If you haven’t heard about it, here’s the link to the article on Yahoo! News.  I honestly can’t even look at the picture without tearing up. I am an animal lover, especially dogs. I was thrilled to see an update on her today, saying her health has improved dramatically, she’s going to be fine and she’s been adopted by a loving family with a farm.

This story makes me want to run home and love-on my pup, who has her own sad story. I fell in love with her 4 years ago when I saw her at the Idaho Humane Society. She was 2.5 years old at the time. I asked what they knew about her before she landed at the shelter and I was told she came in as a ‘lost’ dog. She had a microchip. The shelter called the family she was registered too and told them she was at the shelter. They said they’d come get her but never showed. I was told a lot of people just leave their animals because they don’t want to pay the $50 fee to get them out. Thank goodness they didn’t rescue her because I adopted her and she’s been the most fabulous dog a girl could ask for.

It hasn’t always been easy. I didn’t realize how bad her life was until I put her on a leash for her first walk. She had clearly never been walked before. She was all over the place and scared of everything from cars, to storm drains. We immediately started leadership classes (fancy name for obedience class). Little did the puppy training folks know how well they’d get to know me. Once you paid for the class you could come back and re-do them as many times as you wanted. Payton clearly had no socialization skills, and as a Jack Russell Terrier it’s not in her blood to be anything but dominant. For me, the classes became more about socializing than anything else. By the time I moved out of Idaho, she’d graduated leadership class seven times.

These days she gets several walks a day and endless love. I hope the same awaits Hope the dog.

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