Beer Cocktails And Other Delights

First the OTHER DELIGHTS  my wife has been talking about her new cell phone attachment for a few days.  I hadn’t seen it.  I thought it was a hands free device but she kept saying it wasn’t … then I saw it.  I lost it laughing.  I don’t know where or why she got it, but if you see this headed down the road, first honk, then get out of the way!

phone Beer Cocktails And Other Delights

  • Kid Rock was at Mystic last night, more importantly Shayne had on new shoes.  I do not have a picture of those. But I am told they were awesome.
  • First I don’t know if I like the word Cocktail.  I looked it up on Wikipedia … still no peace.  Anyway beers are being made into cocktails now. And for you amusement we list the following without telling you which ones are in fact Concocted (another word I’m not sure about.)

Shandy – Lemonade and Beer

Red Eye – Beer and Tomato juice

Pigs Eyes and More – Beer and Bacon Fat

Beermosa – Beer and Orange Juice

Beer Night Light – Light Beer and Robitussin

Chocolate Malt  – A 40 of Malted Beer and Chocolate latte’

The Cincinnati Cocktail: Beer and Soda Water

Moo Lager – 12oz of beer + 4 oz of Whole Milk

  • New Study in from the University of Michigan says that if you want your peeps to be honest with you (peeps is not the word they used … I am exercising  journalistic freedoms) ask them the question in a TEXT.  Honest answers come in the form of a text because the sender doesn’t have to listen to your reaction.  Makes sense.   That was our Talk Topic on Facebook and WCCO-TV this morning. Check out the video with me and Natalie here.
  • What not to leave in your vehicle on a hot day.  We put that as a form of a question on Facebook.  I was thinking we could get some great response which don’t get me wrong Grandpa’s emergency pee bottle was a good one, but it turned out to be more trivia and anecdotal with the majority of  people saying children and dogs.  At least a lot of people are aware not to leave the kids or dogs in the car … no one mentioned cats?
  • Aretha Franklin has thrown her hat into the American Idol Judge contest. While I think that’s awesome that she would want to do it, and she may be awesome at it, don’t see that happening. No dis-R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (sorry you don’t get those opportunities too often).
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