By Koffy In The Morning

The FDA has approved the first weight loss drug in 13 years.  They took the other one off the market because it was dissolving heart valves.

This new drug Belviq has some side effect … one of which is dissolving heart valves.  And with a one year weight loss expectancy of 3% it looks like one of the other side effects is not losing any weight. Seriously if you weigh 200 pounds that is a loss of 6 pounds in one year.  I said it this morning, I know of a Mexican food place close to Stillwater that can do that in less than 24 hours if you know what I’m sayin’.  Don’t fall for this.  If you want to lose weight, decrease your calorie intake and go for a walk. Plain and simple.

  • This just in from the Foundation of Noe Ess Sherlock – Excess heat and humidity makes people aggressive, irritable, and violent. Scientists say they believe it is because of the lack of sleep and dehydration.  I’d like for them to start publishing the names of these scientists and how much grant money they got for writing down the obvious.

This just in as well, catching your toe on the first step as you run up stairs hurts enough to make you cuss out loud … 5 or 6 times if you jammed it good enough.

  • Blake Shelton has Michael Buble as his expert helper on The Voice.
  • ‘Truck Yeah’ is the highest debuting song Tim McGraw has ever had, and Thomas Rhett claims his single “Something to do with My Hands” is a cute song without any sexual messages.

The writer of Row Row Row Your Boat just called and said that that song is actually not about going gently down the stream but rather a reflection of the early modern industrial age. #NOT BUYING IT THOMAS RHETT.

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