Bathroom Blog: Barefoot Blue Jean Truck Yeah?

That’s pretty much what I remember of the show, oh Kenny Chesney was there? hmmm must of missed that part. Actually I do vaguely remember him sitting in a chair flying through the air. haha I don’t know if Monday morning I felt like a rockstar but I sure did pretend to be one Sunday night!

See that Ginormous beer?  Coulda been the reason. haha  I felt incredibly blessed to be where I was in the moment this picture was taken. It was probably one of the most surreal moments in my career going into a room with about 10 people and just hanging out with Tim listening to some of his new songs, which by the way you will LOVE his upcoming album!!  Sometimes I get nervous to meet some of my favorite artists because if they are mean or suck then you arent quite the fan of their music like you were before you met them and Tim was just the nicest, most handsomest guy ever.

timmcgraw Bathroom Blog: Barefoot Blue Jean Truck Yeah?

When I worked in Modesto, CA back in 2005 I saw Jake Owen perform in our kitchen, the  kitchen was painted like a beach haha and there were probably 12 people in there surrounded by Coke and snack machines and Jake sat there and played songs for us! He looks so young! But really, he looks exactly the same! haha

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And this was Sunday.

jakeo1 Bathroom Blog: Barefoot Blue Jean Truck Yeah?

If you went to the show I hope you had a blast and have posted your pics for us to see on our facebook page!!! I’d love to see them!

This picture was an “accident” but turned out to be one of my favorites.

timshow1 Bathroom Blog: Barefoot Blue Jean Truck Yeah?

AND! If you know Ellie who works at Target Field tell her she’s awesome!! Yes, we did jump on the counter to take a picture with her!

ellie Bathroom Blog: Barefoot Blue Jean Truck Yeah?

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