Tuesday’s Child – Called Jersey Chaser

ZAC BROWN BAND!!   Move over Thanksgiving – there is a new party in November!  Tickets go on sale this Friday morning at 10 at all ticket master locations.  There is going to be an opening act too but that is TBD.

Maleware Monday was a big hooo-humm.  I have a hard time taking many of the warnings they issue seriously.   I think it started when my check engine light started coming on automatically at 2800miles.  Check Engine has always meant that something huge was about to throw down under the hood….not sucker me into another oil change just to get the light to turn off.  So now I hear virus scare snafu stuff and I just think it is a back door marketing ploy for antivirus software companies.  PASS.

Poor Kris Humphries  – talk about a coo-coo he hooked up with.   I guess the term is JERSEY CHASER.  The type that chases after sports figures thinking it ups their own value, and going after the guys money. So as it now turns out, he is NOT going to be  a baby daddy.

Taylor Swift has been tweeting about a major sumthin sumthin about to happen.  I think she is going to be Mit Romney’s running mate…we’ll see.  That or maybe a new tour with Justin Beiber, Miranda Lambert, and Lady GaGa.

We mentioned an email address that a friend had posted about a place out in the North Dakota oil fields hiring drivers.  Drivetrucktoday@gmail.com is that email.  (no claims made about who is on the other end.)

Kathleen Madigan is coming to Treasure Island – we are going to have a chat with her in a few minutes AND will have that at 6:40 tomorrow!

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