Brothers Of The Sun & A Question Of Roadkill

Awesome concert.  Going to try and buy some white pants to wear….or maybe just body paint on some jeans HA! Whaddya think of that?  Body Paint White pants….well come to think of it that could be what Tim McGraw actually had going on.

Some of the reviews in the paper had named Tim as the MVP of the evening.  I don’t know if I agree with that but I have been told that I can be argumentative.

Side note:  I got a good deal on a room at the Sheraton in Woodbury so that I didn’t have to haul back to Osceola, WI at 11pm to then get up at 3 and drive back…anyway thanks to priceline and holy crap that is a nice hotel that I am really glad I didn’t pay full price for.

We have a major concert announcement tomorrow at 7 am and tickets to go with it!

Country jam Tickets to fly as well at 7:40.

Tom and Katie are divorcing peacefully as they split assets.

Miranda Lambert is on voice rest for a week or so.

Carrie Underwood is back in the USA after promoting here Blown Away cd abroad.

And I am trying to find out if you need a permit to collect road kill for taxidermy purposes. See, I see these fresh kills all the time on my drive over to Wisconsin.  Fox, Hawks, Racoons, coyotes, you name it,(don’t name bear) I see it fresh and dead on the road. (last week on the 5th I saw a guy passed out on 35 just north of Pottings bar at 3:45am.  Just laying along side the road. I didn’t think of having him stuffed…but I do see all kinds of things – oh and he wasn’t still laying there on the trip back or I would’ve stopped and asked if he needed help.) So I’ve thought with some of these buggers I could toss in the trunk and bring to get mounted but I don’ t know if I need a permit to have them – even if I pulled them from the road.

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