Bathroom Blog: Polibook? Facetics?

Was anyone else’s facebook all political yesterday or was it just mine?! Holy debates and arguments galore!

I personally never write anything political because…

A#1 I want you to like me so I dont want to make you mad. haha

Side Note: Me just writing this blog will prrrobably upset SOMEone.  Sorry in advance. I’m not making fun or any of that, ok?  ok.

A#2 I dont feel educated enough when it comes to politics or issues to speak intelligently on the subjects

But some people yesterday were ALL kinds of upset over Obamacare OR if someone was happy about it? Those who were not made sure to let them know how “ignorant” they were for having a positive opinion and I gotta be honest, I was more confused on what it entailed with all the conflicting opinions and information.  I garantee lots of people were unfriended yesterday over this! Haha!

My bff and I have this one friend who posts all KINDS of  super over opinionated everyone is stupid and everything sucks statuses all the time.  She loves to stir the pot and she’s smarter than I am so she comments on his statuses and will get into a heated debate with him and I  just KNOW he blew a gasket last night, I could just SEE his face getting red and that cartoon whistle that looks angry going off with steam above his head! Haha oh man. Don’t get me wrong,  I know to some people this is not a laughing matter, its sensitive and important to them.

The reasons I find this all so amusing?

A#1 What does complaining, bashing others opinions, and starting a war on facebook going to accomplish?  Nothing. It still passed. The end.

I try to keep the complaining or sensitive subjects on facebook to a minimum. I mean, dont get me wrong I do plenty of complaining mostly when Im sad or miss my friends so all my friends can give me attention and tell me Im fun and awesome and they love me. haha I just moved here in February and its SO HARD to start over.  When I was younger it was sooo much easier, not so much being in my 30s and not only that but this is the 6th state Ive lived in in the past 9 years and I came by myself.   Like, for the past 2 months ALL I’ve wanted to do is go to a movie but the ONE thing I REFUSE to do, I dont know why, is go to a movie by myself.  How hard can it be to get someone to hang out with me 3 hours max?  Pretty hard apparently haha!  Ok, its not THAT bad but most of the people I DO know live at least 30 mins away and thats an issue around here, no one wants to drive anywhere! haha I mean, I’ll go out to eat, I go to concerts, go to weddings, anything alone…just not a movie.

That was totally an ADHD moment….sorry.  Back to why I find political freak outs on facebook amusing…

A#2  It passed.  The end.  There was NOTHING  you or I could have done.  So whether you are for or against Obamacare it doesnt matter so wasting energy being upset over it does nothing but just that…wastes energy.  Ive got more important things to worry about like WHY someone is eating someones face off and was in fact NOT on bath salts!

Here’s something to think about…maybe people are put in coffins because it traps them in their  Zombie state and they cant get out to eat off our faces.  No?

But maybe….



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